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Highway Stunt Bike Riders, developed by App Teeka, is a fast paced bike racing game, in which you will need to be daring and pass cars closely and make stunts with your motorbike by raising speed for receiving scores. Be alert with your plans, as crashing into cars will hurt.


In the real world, you never dare a bike race so fast. Control your motorbike with great fast speed amid traffic rush time. In order to increase your bike speed, just tap turbo boost.


Presently added new features like Punches, Kick and fire… punch and kick rival bikers… open fire to forthcoming traffic trucks and cars… also shoot rival bikers for getting money.


The steps of playing Highway Stunt Bike Riders are:

- Choose your ride from Choppers or Super bikes.

- Tilt for steering your motorbike

- Drive close to cars and tap the stunt button for making stunts

- The closer stunt will be when passing car will result money.

- Tap kick and punch button to kick and punch rival bikers.

- Open fire to forthcoming trucks and cars for getting money while racing.

- Increase speed by press and hold Turbo Boost button at right bottom.

- Spend your money to unlock new bikes.

- Choose forthcoming ammunition for filling your ammunition.

- Choose NOS for filling your NOS cylinder.

- Dare your friends for the optimal bike race experience.


So, enjoy Highway Stunt Bike Riders with realistic motorbike physics and superb graphics which are ideally optimised for tablets and high-resolution gadgets.

1. Beautiful desert highway

2. Smooth controls

3. Collection of 10 amazing Choppers and Super Bikes



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