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Want to beat the world record jump? Then just take your air stunt with Nitro Motorcar and smash the outstanding air race with other car racers and beat them in Extreme City GT Racing Stunts. You can simply play this stunt game offline. So, there is no issue of Wi-Fi.


Nitro Motorcar is the fastest bullet car of the world. Playing this race, you can experience the jump over the longest car ramp. So, just enjoy the free fall and nicely land your jet car on road and create a history with Extreme City GT Racing Stunts.


Joining these crazy stunts and performing them, you can challenge your skills and encounter the real turbo car racing.


Extreme City GT Racing Stunts highlights some points mentioned below:

- This is the longest car racer jump in the world.

- There is a brand new car still feature in air for energising stunt class.

- You can play with or without Nitro Mode.

- You can use Extra Car Reset button to overturn the car and Nitro button for gaining airy speed.

- Maintain 3D stunt nitro power throughout the car simulator 3D. Choose Nitro power-ups more and survive longer in the evening of the drag racing.


So, just fasten your seatbelt and get ready to enjoy loads of stunts. Extreme City GT Racing Stunts is surely an epic stunt game you’ve been waiting for longer.

1. Lots of stunts to learn

2. Superb graphics

3. Very addictive

4. Good controls



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