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With no angry birds in sight, Rovio jumps back into match-3 gameplay presenting a new cast of adorable marine characters.


Unlike the fights of Angry Birds, more difficult RPG match-3 fighter of Rovio from previously this summer; Nibblers probably will delight the gamers, hungry to experience the new match-3. The procedures of the gameplay will be natural and familiar for every fan of this crowded genre, hence jumping just into the action is completely simple.


The onymous Nibblers have arrived from the depth of the ocean for exploring dry land and munching on delicious island fruit with inclusion of oranges, pears, rosehips, plumberries, and raspberries. As usual for the category, matching nearby fruits in blends of differing multiplicity will create more helpful Nibblers, solve puzzles and output points. However, the island adventures of Nibblers are not at all games and fun. The islands are occupied by some lizards, the grumpy reptiles that are unhappy getting the Nibblers around, thus they create mealtimes harder by blocking your mobility and fruits.


Especially, the loose storyline is not encouraging above setting up a clear foe to battle in the reptiles. Nevertheless, the characters themselves are approaching to unveil and create, as they all have their own premium skills which help you clear the puzzle boards, or, in the case of the lizards, obstruct your growth. The particular procedures of these specific moves are not actually novel, yet the colorful blend of adorable characters along with fruit is actually satisfying for playing. Raising the stakes, boss levels also keep things exciting.


As is basic for match-3s, you can progress via levels you cannot finish one inside the assigned number of moves. If you are failure in a level, you can either utilize a life for replaying from the starting or spend premium money to receive 5 or more moves. Unluckily, there does not seem being every way for earning any premium cash organically inside the game. However, there are videos for watching for an included Nibbler boost at the start of a challenging round. When running out of lives, you can spend premium cash for refilling your lives, you can wait for lives to recreate over time, or you can request your friends for one.


Avoiding the Angry Birds’ main color palette, Nibblers provides players juicy bright and lush tropical colors which induce the flavors, if you will, of the most famous category leaders. The design of the characters is absolutely unique.


The soundtrack of this game app is solemnly sophisticated and rich. Some stringed instruments, shakers, drums, clarinet or oboe and flute are included. Alongside the water droplets’ splash and splish, the soft soundtrack is layered on the top of vibrant, living scores of crickets and peepers, and other natural music one would expect from a successful wetland. Unluckily, the peeping music effects of the Nibblers break into the pleasing music and bother the enjoyable natural harmony.


Finally, Nibblers is not an excellent improvement in the game experiences of match-3. Yet it does not require being. It’s a strong contribution to the genre with familiar strategies, an excellent music, and fresh visuals. For the people who satisfy in the swipe and get amusement in tumbling combinations, Nibblers will be an exciting game for adding to the roster as well.

1. The game performs well with no extra battery drain or lag for a game.

2. Fun and quick game to play and there is no commitment needed for playing and enjoying the game.

3. Hidden fish powers, obstacles and power-ups provide the game slight much required flair.

4. When we don’t like time-limits in games at all, we will admit we preferred having lives more than having energy.

5. Facebook integration and Google Play Games provide you cloud saves, leader boards and achievements.

6. It’s a free game for playing and you can possibly beat the game without being needed using in-app purchases.

7. Utilizing the match-3 system for slaying means that lizards make the game more challenging.

8. The story and graphics are great, adorable and quirky for both adults and children.

9. 200 levels which means that you have a lot of game for playing.



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