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Diggy’s Adventure is a superb online game for Android that lets you search for hidden treasures, solve puzzles and unveil the greatest past mysteries.


This superb adventure game features:

- No. 1 rated adventure game

- 17 languages for playing in

- New content each week

- Client support responding within 24 hours

- 5 mythological areas with lots of forgotten treasures

- Over 100 funny characters for interacting with

- Over 500 Labyrinths for escaping from

- Over 1000 puzzles and riddles for solving


There is no riddle which cannot be solved. So, just test your skills right now in Diggy’s Adventure.


Puzzles are the prime thing in every adventure game. Playing Diggy’s Adventure, you will enter the world of adventure and find different new products that will help you dig and become a great adventurer in the world.


Diggy’s Adventure gives you the chance of solving puzzles and riddles and gaining rewards to improve the rate of energy recreation by assisting other characters. You will even get the enjoyment of special offers and events also.


So, prepare your brain against some of the most difficult logic puzzles of the world and play Diggy’s Adventure for completely free. This game can be played only online.

1. Very simple to play and pick up

2. Nice looking cartoony graphics

3. Fun to play



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