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Bubble Shooter is a classic arcade game playing which will be really fun.  You can simply train your brain and shoot the bubbles anytime whether you’re online or offline.


In order to play Bubble Shooter, you need to match 3 bubbles to burst. Shooting bubbles will be the best way of playing this fun and addictive game.


Arcade game mode of Bubble Shooter is more challenging than other puzzle games. If you want to play a perfect free brain training game, then this one is just perfect for you. By now, this one is the top bubble shooting game and brain game with more than 1750 challenging puzzles. In order to advance to the next level of this game, just burst the bubbles. This way, you can train your brain and test your skills while playing Bubble Shooter.


Bubble Shooter is a retro game, featuring its classic arcade game mode. There are many superb new features of this game that you will surely love.


With new game currency coins, you can purchase bombs and fireballs by just tapping on them. Earn 5 coins more for each 5 levels you move up, yet you don’t need to get worried.


Now download Bubble Shooter from Aptaps, make you prepared, target the bubbles and just shoot them. You are going to have lots of fun!

1. Total 1300 levels

2. Fun, addictive and classic game

3. Good game for time pass



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Bubble Shooter

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