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The game app Ludo Bingis precisely the classic dice-and-race ludo game that is played with 4 pieces per player and a set of dice.


Generally, the pieces are in blue, red, green and yellow colours. Ludo Bing can be played by both adults and growing up kids.


Ludo Bing is played between two and four players. The objective of this game is to move all 4 pieces to the home position in the centre.


The players begin the game with all 4 pieces at the base position. Every turn starts with a dice roll, followed by a piece movement. When a 6 is rolled, the player rolls the dice again and both numbers are utilised for making a move with the chosen piece. Around the game board, the moves are made clockwise. For placing a piece to the beginning position, a 6 should be rolled; else the piece stays at the base position.


If the piece movement of a player ends at a circle that is occupied by the piece of an opponent, this piece is taken and returned to the base of the opponent. The taken piece can be returned to the board just if a 6 is rolled.


A piece can’t be moved to a place that is occupied by another piece of the similar colour. If no legitimate move can be made with the existing roll, the player should pass the move. While a piece is moved to the home of the player, it can’t be taken anymore. The player, who handles to move every piece to the home position in the centre, wins the game.


The objective of Ludo Bing game is simple; every player receives 4 tokens and these tokens should make a complete turn of the board and then make it to the finish line.

1. Ideal addictive game for both adults and children.

2. Excellent time pass



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