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Download Zombie Smasher for Android and be ready to kill the Zombies by squashing them with your fingers. The crowd of zombies trying to destroy your village, what action you will take? What you're going to do? The undeed mortals are back and you moral responsibility is to save your economy.


In this game, wave of Zombies rushed down from bottom, and you need to stop them by tapping them. It's fairly easy to cross starting levels, but quite difficult as step by step. All the zombies are not predictably fast and move progress, but you need to plan new tricks to kill them.

Download Zombie Smasher for Android, and find hidden, underground, vicious dogs, teleporting with lightening speeds. At next levels, Zombies starts to fly forward when gamer kill their mother. For each level, you're blessed with 3 lives, after these three restart the level, and if you kill any human, then you have to start the level again.

With some power-ups you can improve your chances including bombs, hunks of meat and lightening bolts. The graphic looks of simple, mostly cover up cartoon style in which smashers move speedily. Overall, this is an enjoyable game not easy to put down once you start.

It's free to download game, can be played by person of every age

1. Addictive to play
2. Outstanding graphics
3. Several levels to play
4. Introduction of new bizarre and superb zombies




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