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Duck Hunting is an easy arcade duck shooting game utilising bow and arrow. The objective of the game is duck shooting. If you miss any target for shooting, you will lose one life and once you get 3 the game is over. So, just pull and then release rope for shooting an arrow. Use all the power you have in pulling the rope.


So, want to have some fun in hunting down some flying ducks? You can simply do this by playing Duck Hunting game.


This game lets you enjoy the nice background scenery as you’re shooting down the flying ducks. You need to become a duck hunter by mastering your shooting skills.


So, develop your skills as a bird hunter by shooting down as many ducks as possible. By playing this duck shooting, you can simply become a duck hunting master.


You will get the title of an expert bird hunter by hunting as many ducks and scoring as many as possible. Just remember that you need to beat the highest score by imagining yourself as a hunter.


The prime features of Duck Hunting are as follows:

- Hunting duck with bow and arrow

- Fun, addictive and challenging gameplay

- Unlimited arrows (maximum 3 lives)

- Amazing sound effects and graphics

- Hit Colour Duck for getting one extra life

- You can lose one life if you hit Toucan Bird

- Hard-to-master and easy-to-play game

- Seamless duck animations


Duck Hunting is one of the best shooting and hunting games. So, download this game app for free at Aptaps and enjoy bird shooting and become an expert bird hunter.

1. Smooth animations

2. Addictive and challenging gameplay

3. Excellent audio effects and graphics



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