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All knows Chhota Bheem is one of the most beloved popular children's cartoon named as Chhota Bheem form greengold meets and the game is full in 3D. Download  Chhota Bheem Laddoo Runner for Android and enjoy 3D game. The game is on peak now a days, every single child wants to watch or play this character.


Download Chhota Bheem Laddoo Runner for Android, its objective is to collect and connect same colored laddoos as much as you can. You can run, jump, or slide through beautiful indian village environments and collect sweet from every obstacles on the streets like villagers, buffaloes etc. The days coming it allows to connect with your friends via facebook.


Download Chhota Bheem Laddoo Runner for Android which has plenty of features like familiar swipe controls allow you to run right in. You can collect laddoos to increase score multiplier in real time or spend on different special players like magic carpet. So enjoy the game by collecting laddoo and give to bheem health energy to run more points.

1. Easy to play

2. Background in 3D graphics



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