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Jungle Panda Run, developed by STEM Studios, is the easiest and most addictive adventurous run game with easy controls. The little panda is starving in the jungle. You need to help the little panda run and get all the radishes from the jungle without being caught by the angry bear. In order to make the angry bear, you need to throw the radishes while running. Simply click the screen for making the panda jump all obstacles in the jungle with the inclusion of carnivorous plants and tap the Throw button and throw radish. Jungle Panda Run is the best adventurous game for people of every age. It is going to be the best fun run game with good sound and graphics.


Features of Jungle Panda Run game are as follows:

- Tap the screen for making little panda run and tap the Throw button for throwing radishes.

- Collect all the radishes without being caught by the angry bear.

- Run and complete all the levels.

- Have good relaxing sound and music effects.

- Have 2 worlds each of having 12 challenging levels.

- Run and jump from every carnivorous plant.

In order to play Jungle Panda Run, you need to

- Simply tap the screen for making the panda jump.

- Collect the radishes as many as you can without being caught by the angry bear.

- Run till the end of the levels for making panda happy.


So, are you finding this game super exciting? If yes, then download this app from Aptaps for totally free.

1. Best adventurous game

2. Fun and addictive to play

3. Superb sound and graphics

4. Both kids and adults can play



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