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Download Bus Rush for Android which is an innovative arcade game. It is an incredible football play for mechanical man. It is an endless running game. The player runs on the busses and earns coins and other bonus points.  Lay the craziest eventualities within the Bus Rush town. It allows you to drag, to leap apart from this to slide and to move left or right too. Gamer have to avoid trucks and buses which are striking you.


Download Bus Rush for Android which has its own store which has some other types of bonuses which are helps you to boost in the game in terms of score and performance too. As soon as you scores high and high game automatically upgrades itself and provides some other power ups and lives for example like the magnet or the boots. Upgrade the jetpack too, and acquire scores of coins in mid-air and so on.


Download Bus Rush for Android which is conjointly provides you the gift on your achievements. In the gift you find coins, powers, score boosters and so on. There are some daily challenges which we have to complete on a daily basis. It comes with clean 3d interface and amazing sound quality that makes the app easy to play and keeps the gamer engaged for hours.


Download Bus Rush for Android which may be a terribly arcade game with full of fun.

1. Innovative running game

2. Easy to play



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