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 you are wishing to enjoy a premier 3D launcher on your smartphone device, then Soft Touch Red – Next Theme is the right choice for you. This theme is completely free to avail from Google Play Store. In fact, this one is best among all as it supports both 3D and 2D mode. So, now simply download HD wallpapers and give your smartphone device a totally redesigned soft touch. Clock widget is another highlighted feature of this 3D launcher.


Using Soft Touch Red – Next Theme on your Android device is really easy like any theme launcher. In terms of accessing this theme on your mobile device, first, ensure that you have installed the latest version of Next launcher 3D. Once you have done the installation, you will get some options after opening the app:


Option 1: Menu -> Theme -> Mine -> Click Icon Theme “SOFT TOUCH FREE” -> Apply

Option 2:Menu -> Wallpaper -> Swipe and Click to Logo “SOFT TOUCH FREE” -> OPEN SETTINGS THEME -> Click Icon -> Apply Theme


Aforementioned two options are the ways to use this 3D launcher on your Android device. You can change your wallpaper anytime you want. Follow the way mentioned below:


Menu -> Wallpaper -> Swipe and Click at Icon “SOFT TOUCH FREE” -> OPEN SETTINGS THEME -> Click Icon Wallpapers -> Set Wallpapers


Installing clock widget is also very easy. Follow the below-mentioned process:


Menu -> Widget -> System Widget -> Search Widget “Soft Touch Clock” -> Apply it.


So, are you finding Soft Touch Red – Next Theme launcher very interesting? If yes, then download it from Aptaps today.

1. Excellent 3D launcher

2. Superb designs



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